How do you think about FIFA 16's Price Ranges

The bullshit being that every time he gets called out on Reddit for doing some stupid shit or when people are angry with him because he is a coinpromoter he never accepts that he is wrong, he always talks in a condescending tone like he thinks he is better than everyone, he never accepted that EA straight up banned the accounts he had because he was promoting coinselling till it happened in front of the viewers when he was doing a livestream, then and only after that happened he did a video talking about how buying cheap Fifa 16 coins can have it's disadvantage because you can risk a ban.

He talks all gangster and shit on Reddit because he knows that he can't convince anyone that hates his videos here to watch his videos, he only talks about shit that could damage him here because he knows that the guys already watching his videos don't come here and he is safe from losing the and he only accepts that he is wrong when he just can't straight up deny it, he keeps talking like the fucked up market, pre this stupid price band bullshit, isn't the result of him and other YouTubers promoting coinselling while the markets from previous Fifa's where buying coins wasn't a thing were pretty stable.

I don't really think much of that is true. When he came on Reddit he had a more rational outlook than almost every post on the front page. He's actually pretty knowledgable and I gotta respect his honesty as much as I don't care for his videos

He acknowledged the issues it causes for this FIFA. He also understands why they would have been crazy to wait for the start of fifa 16 for this.

They don't want to be makin this change right when they want to start selling fifa 16. This gives people time to cool off and get used to it. It's a big FU to some players in this FIFA though, I agree.

But I feel like I was getting a big FU by all the coin bought teams and sky high player prices.

Don't you realize that it's much better to do this with a clean market than one that's already been established? Go watch Nepenthez's video, he explains why it was so much worse for them to do this during FIFA 15 rather than waiting until 16. It's probably the sole reason that cards are going extinct. If they waited until 16, yeah they risk that some people don't like it, but at least then there wouldn't be people with tens of millions of coins on their accounts already.

The amount of time it will take for cards like Roberto Carlos or TOTY Ronaldo to come back up on the market will be long after the release of 16. The current backlog of massive amounts of coins has to get spent before these changes can actually create a better market. Otherwise the ones who did buy coins will be able to snatch up every existing ultra-rare card there is, whereas traders and legit players won't ever have a shot at getting them.

This isn't a fix that should be implemented after a market has been established. EA straight up states it was done to make rare cards more accessible...well now they're not even on the market so it totally backfired.

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